Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happy Blogiversary.....4 years

I can't believe it but four years ago yesterday I started this little blog. It's not thousands of hits a day or even in a year. But I love doing this:  cooking, posting, sharing the vegan food we love. My daughter's birthday was yesterday and the day flew by and then it dawned on me today it's been my blogiversary. Wow. I don't have a new recipe to post today. So I decided to revisit last nights birthday dinner. I made Chorizo & Sweet Potato Enchiladas 

and served them with Crock-pot Refried Beans.

And even though this was not served last night you cannot beat this carrot cake!!!! And so Happy Birthday to Anna and to Glo's Kitchen.


  1. Congrats on 4 years!!! Carrot cake is one of my favs!!!! And I love beans, great idea to make them in the crock pot!

    1. Angela,
      Thank you. This carrot cake is one of the best I've had, so moist and yummy.
      Thanks for dropping by my kitchen.