Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baked Kofta Balls - Revisted

When I made this recipe for Kofta Balls a few months ago I doubled the recipe and froze a lot of them. I'm still working on getting the freezer in shape (as in empty) since it's hurricane season. I remembered this today and knew what we were having for dinner.  Yummy!!!!!

I baked these for about an hour. I put pasta sauce in my casserole dish, then the kofta balls, then topped with the rest of the sauce. Since they were frozen I knew they could hold up longer in the toaster oven. Cook you some pasta, today we used Penne and have a fast awesome dinner from the freezer. If you wish add a side salad or veggie or even a good bread. Dinner is served.

Wow, I fogot how much I enjoyed these.


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