Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pizza, Muffins and Soup

I woke up this morning and just knew I needed to cook. After some store bought bagels with Toffuti Cream Cheese, diced red onions, capers and sliced tomatoes for breakfast I decided to get serious.  I made a Veggie Pizza for lunch (I always use the ingredients listed on the linked post -- today I added vegan pepperoni slices, my olives, which I switch around from green, black, etc. were deli marinated, and I added mushrooms I had sauteed with a bag of fresh baby spinach as a l big topping just before adding the cheese)

Then I decided to make the Black and White Muffins I found online last week.  They were delicious, moist and definitely a make-again. (I used Toffuti Cream Cheese and Silk Light Soy Milk).

Then I decided to make a big pot of Beef and Barley Soup (that I blogged back in December.) It is currently simmering away and smelling delicious.

It's been a great fun day of cooking delicious food. Enjoy!


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