Sunday, January 27, 2019

Indian Spiced Cauliflower and Potato Casserole

Happy New Year everyone. I know I've been AWOL for a long time. I was just so busy over the holidays I just didn't have time to post. I am back and I've got news. We've been vegan for since April of 2010 and have entertained the idea of going whole food plant based. We took the plunge the end of October and I feel great. No more processed vegan food. (Yes, I did have Beyond Burger Friday night, so I'm not perfect. But I am consuming so much more whole food and almost no processed foods these days. So look forward to seeing WFPBNO recipes from now on. I may revisit some of my old post and make them compliant.

For today I'm sharing the pics of this dish that I found in the Forks Over Knives, Fall 2018 magazine. I love their magazines. You can buy these mags on online and I've seen them in several stores.

If you like Indian foods this one is for you and it makes a lot, 11 cups. I am hoping it freezes well, I think it will.

And the bonus I've lost just over 13 pounds and survived the holiday season!!!


Ready for oven:

Fresh out of oven:

Garnished with cilantro:

Served up.

This was super delicious!